Recent Death RAP BATTLES!!! Charles Manson VERSUS August Ames

Recent Death RAP BATTLES!!! Charles Manson VERSUS August Ames


Recent Death RAP BATTLES!!!





Charles Manson

I died at an old age you died young

Imma have Tex Watson come and rip out your lungs

You're younger than James Dean when he died in that car crash

His car is called the Little Bastard you're also a little bast

ard! Did you know that there's a pornstar named James Deen?

You're a pornstar too do you see what I mean?

By the way why did you get naked on the internet

This victory is not one that you will get

August Ames

You had to suffer and die in prison

Now watch me fuck and listen

I committed suicide so that I wouldn't have to be in pain

Watch my videos I can surely make it rain

Manson Family? Fuck y'all

You must be another one of my lousy sex dolls

I've fucked you enough already and you will not win this battle rap

Look at you! You're just a messy piece of crap!

Charles Manson

Don't compare me to Thomas Crapper you white piece of porn!

Your real name is Mercedes Grabowski I revealed your true identity now burn!

Me? There's nothing to reveal about me I am a god

I am Charles Milles Manson and I'm gonna fuck you so hard

August Ames

Oh no, this pussy is not one that you'll be getting you killer

Charles Manson

If I killed people the world would be as dead as a caterpillar

August Ames

Dude, this is my verse so shut up!

I'm not rejecting you because you're gay but because I'm about to erupt!





Recent Death RAP BATTLES!!!

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