Today we have Batman's sidekick against Chrom's strategist.

Fire Emblem:Rap Wars!





Robin (FE Avatar):

When it comes to battles I've been granted apotheosis,I'm indestructible,

While the sole good thing you were for Batman was merely a tax deductible.

My premonitions have told me that your verse will be relatively incoherent,

As I make this weak ward of Wayne come up shorter than the lives of his parents.

Spitting cyphers,stellar like my strategies to silence this simple sidekick,

So predictable,I know your every move as if I was a psychic.

With all that in mind it'll be easy for me to slay you,

Like Cera,I make you a look like a fool when I play you.

Robin (Dick Grayson)

Keep walking down this path,even with your army I'll bring your end.

But I'd be mad too if suicide was the best thing I could do to help my friends.

Shattering faster than a glass weapon is the fate of those who fight me,

You'll be the one who's in black and blue if you take my threats lightly

I'm Nightwinging all these rhymes while you memorize yours like Incantations,

Why put a champion of the Gotham against this hackeneyed Japanese creation?

You're getting less tough each turn,I suggest you take a seat,

Not even with the Lazarus pit could you outlive my legacy.

Robin (FE Avatar):

You say as you Wayne away,your blud haven been spilled from my flow.

alternatively you'd still end dying slowly of humiliation from your show

In the end you can't defend I'll be responsible for your defacement,

I'd respect you but some irascible street trash was your replacement!

Robin (Dick Grayson):

Mocking me for a trashy replacement? Let us not forget Aversa,

Like her,you'll once again lose your mind when I lyrically curse ya!

Stick to being a tactician,your rapping efforts appall,

I may stand on the side of good,but on the mic I murder all.

Who triumphed?

Which Contenders will step onto the arena next?

Find out in the next installment of

Fire Emblem:Rap Wars!

...oh yeah and leave suggestions below as well.

Who won?

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But which one?

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