Part 2 :






JEFF : Ah Slenderman, you finally show your face. You are always hiding , you’re so hard to trace.

Wait ,you’re scary? That’s the joke of the year! We both know that of me and you I’m the one to fear.

Nobody knew you before that stupid Slender game. And after that, A ridiculous meme is what you became.

Wearing a suit and tie, you look like a business man. You started at the Something Awful Forum's, and thus our laughter began.

Go back into the wood, they’re already searching for a note. Well, hurry up, or I’ll slice your fucking throat.

SLENDERMAN :  Oh Jeff, it is so nice to see you smile. Hunting you down, isn’t even worth my while.

You think you’re scary, with that fucked-up face you have. When I see that shit, all I do is laugh.

Jeff you’re nothing, I can take you on with ease. I just follow you, till you scream STOP PLEASE.

Serving up these rhymes, looks like you got burned again. You look fucking pathetic, are you even a man?

Yeah, you’re a killer, we all know that’s true. But that still doesn’t mean that I’m scared of you.

JEFF : Oh Slenderman, I expected better than that. For those weak rhymes, you only get a bitch slap.

I'm Jeff the Killer, the one and only. I'm gonna tear you apart, so you better watch closely.

I've had it with this tall freak who calls himself scary. I'll kill you and leave you at the fucking cemetery.

Now we both who is the better creep. So why don’t you….JUST GO TO SLEEP.

SLENDERMAN : I never sleep, I'm always awake. You killing me? I bet that's a mistake.

You can never compete, with yours truly. I will abduct you Jeff, that's my duty.

I give you 5 seconds, to run away like hell. But when I catch you, don't cry and yell.

I will haunt you and catch you, whenever I fucking can. You may be a killer, BUT I'M THE SLENDERMAN!


Who won?

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