Epic Rap Battles: Bendy vs Anything bichezzzzz



Freshy Kanal as Bendy

Vladimyr P. as Steven Universe




Rising from a flood of ink, the dancing demon strikes again!

I’ll spit a song against this sheep and finally bring him to his end!

I’m gonna shatter this poof, drink his blood like bacon soup

So watch out when I rock the roof cuz’ you’ll be falling to your doom!

A tub of lard really thinks he can best me with a shield?

To hell with that! I’ll spit rhymes sweeter than the Strawberry Fields!

I hope that you know my ink flow will drown you like an ocean

You can’t step to agram of my skill with those pent-up emotions!

Steven Universe:

I’ll give this cutout the axe, you’ve got no good lines to collect

And with your black and white gameplay, Uncle Grandpa’s more complex

You could never burst my bubble, I save the planet every day

While you lay around the workshop and do nothing but decay

To spit disses on a failed cartoon, Steven’s on it!

It’s sad when your fanbase’s porn outweighs your game’s content

So enough of your Old Song, you don’t get the Moving Picture

Better call you corrupted because I’ll leave you disfigured!


My crew’s entertained since the 20’s! Your show just bores us

Go back to your awful singing, I’ll be jammin’ with Boris!

Who’s laughing now kid? I hate you more than my creator

But between him and your mom, the latter is a bigger traitor!

Steven Universe:

You’re a relic from the past, forgotten by the whole world

Defeat this dusty Mickey ripoff cuz’ I’m shining like a Pearl

You claim to be a threat, but you haven’t managed one kill

So silence! Even Onion has more lyrical skill!

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