Hey guys, George Hamburger here and today this battle is featuring the 8-year-old protagonist of the first two Home Alone movies, Kevin McCallister, against the charismatic and troublemaking 8-year-old girl, Lisa Simpson.
Lisa Unlock

Lisa Simpson: Turn the in to out! It's time to beat a lonely kid named Kevin!

And somehow you're home alone and you like you're seven!

You got lost like two times! Are you really that stupid?

It's time to get rid of this mess! I'll beat this wannabe Dennis the Menace!

With all those tricks you're doing, you're like a baby Jigsaw

Although your rapping's even worse than any battle so far

Everyone hates you, so go back to whining in your room

You've messed with the best MC, now it's time to meet your doom

Kevin McCallister: Yes, I'm home alone! It shows I'm more brave than you!

Setting traps everywhere so there's nothing you can do!

Kick your butt like those two robbers; I got the tactics and skills

I'm against a horribly drawn picture; at least I'm actually real!

Laugh as you fail! At least I'm more original than your movie!

Whereas you're a ripoff of Horrid Henry but even more moody!

The name's Kevin, lemme just step in and have this battle won!

This Treehouse of Horror-ble will be crying once I'm done!

Lisa: Eh?! That verse didn't turn out well, just like your sequels!

Every actor that played you was just plain dull!

You never wanted your family to exist? You're such a disgrace!

Have you screaming like Marv when the spider was on his face!

Payback for all your bad movies, Trust me I'll destroy ya

When I'm finished you'll be more mad than when Buzz ate your pizza!

Turn Home Alone into Forever Alone! Don't even spit a verse!

From the looks of it looks like your parents abandoned you on purpose

Kevin: Lisa is your show going to get better? Nope, that's right!

Even Futurama is better than you, so why'd you even expect to fight?

I've got some tricks up my sleeve to lead me to win!

You're more gross than the bed that Filler peed in!

I'll never come down there, My rhymes will choke you like how your brother gets strangled by your dad

Like I did to the criminals, you're about to be injured you pest!

So just leave this battle while I take my rightful throne

I'll always be more known than you even if I'm home alone