Welcome back to the Epic Rap Battles of AlphynKing

Today is Halloween 2015! So I did an obligatory Halloween-themed battle.

This rap battle is between Thresh, the Chain Warden from League of Legends,

and Thanatos, The Hand of Death from Smite.

Yeah, I did video game characters that weren't really related to Halloween. Sue me.

The beat is this.


Thresh, the Chain Warden

Let's do this!


Call me Cho’Gath ! ‘cause I’m about to Feast!

You may find your heartbeat has...ceased.

While some eat things like steak and mutton,

when I have enough souls I’m a Soul Glutton .

The Chain Warden is no noob, I’m striking in fear with Blood Moon ! will be over soon.


Do I smell the Scent of Death ? I do love it so.

So go ahead and take your last breath,

just like your prisoners come and go.

You’re just a knockoff Davy Jones , but way off his rocker,

Thanatos smite by kala a-d6n44ze

Thanatos, The Hand of Death

here, why don’t you let me show to his locker?

‘cause you’re nothing but a bag of bones,

Alistar looked better when he was playing soccer .


I’m gonna go on and slay! You think you can run away?


It won’t be long before you’re dragged without a say,

and my sharpened scythe will Flay !

I’m the best Support in the game! No wonder Matawon with me!

Getting me that Championship and lots of fame!

Just let me take your pitiful life, it’s my job,

exactly like when I took Senna, oh did Lucian sob.


This Hand of Death is about reap!

When the Soul Harvester comes even immortals weep.

I’d say so long from this Archon,

But that would be so wrong,

considering death is the greatest phenomenon.

So when the lights start to dim, and your fate is looking grim,

I'll take you, along with your friend Hecarim.

Who won? Who's next? You kinda decide!

Who do you think won?

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Yeah, I know this is one day after Halloween. My mouse ran out of batteries and there were no batteries and family came and then the wiki thought a link was spam and UUUUUUGH EXCUSES. Better late than never I guess. I hope you HAD a happy Halloween and as always leave suggestions below.