Aliens vs History



I can't even keep up with my first series. What makes me think I can do a side series?

Well, I did a series similar to this before. However, I restricted myself to the "Aliens" side.

Aliens in this case refers to the Omnitrix aliens from the Ben 10 franchise.

Basically like Skeep's series, but with Ben 10 instead of MLP.

It will first focus on Omnitrix aliens but then eventually will have to move on to other aliens within the show.

No, Ben 10 himself will not be in this, due to Ben vs Doctor being the Hitler vs Vader of AlanRB. And no sequels here. Sorry.

Also, no, just because I use someone from history here, doesn't mean I won't use them in AlanRB. There are some special cases where I do this, however, but not with everyone.

Just like with AlanRB, each season is 10 battles. It's easy for me to keep up with, plus it's Ben 10 themed.

I don't expect this to be as enjoyed as AlanRB because the amount of Ben 10 fans on this site is rather low and therefore a ton of references won't be had. Anyways, let's get onto the hints!

tfw only a few people will get any of the hints :(


  • The premiere of Aliens vs History is a shocker that'll leave you feeling ALIVE!
  • Patterson & Gimlin would get publicity a second time from this battle.
  • Speedyquick lines in this battle will make you wanna put a ring on it.
  • Jinkies! What a mutt-stery of a battle this furry situation is!
  • This battle is so gassed up it brings the gas prices down.
  • You could say I'm rather attracted to the magnetic personality of this battle.
  • This battle you can't see them...
  • This battle you can sea them...
  • This battle all they do is see...
  • An elemental balance is disturbed by the presence of everyone here.

So yeah.

That's that.

I guess.

Again, I'm not sure how well this series will take off, partly due to being Ben 10 based, as well as the fact it's ANOTHER "vs History" series. But oh well.

I hope you guys enjoy the seires anyways.

cya/ cyka/s

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