CTRB 1 - Patrick Star vs Stitch -2

Dr. So6's Cover Creation Thing for This

Oh hello there, cykas. Welcome to the first battle of the first round of Dean624's Cartoons Tourney, featuring Patrick Star battling Experiment 626, AKA Stitch.

I'm bad with intros.

Let's just get the battle started.


Element K as Patrick Star

Alanomaly as Stitch








Patrick Star

(Starts at 0:17

When you hear my battle cry; LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE

Your chances in this if you try; LITTLE LITTLE LITTLE

May I take your hat sir? So you can take a seat sir?

Mutated iguana into an ugly blue hamster

From the poop hole of Mister Chris Sanders

Mayonnaise is probably a better rapper

You thought it was good to mess with the Star with charisma

But you forget, the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma


(Starts at 0:39)

Tookie bah wah bah because meega nala kweesta

Patrick Star, while I devour coconut cake and get drink from a barista!

Dinko te fabba! A worthless version of Experiment 025!

Kata baka dooka on this starfish with no life!

Ika patootie, thinking mayo is instrument!

By the time you order food, I've helped all experiments!

Detaka, fatass, back to water, like you're Cannonball,

Or I'll toss you in the air so you can be wished on like Lilo's shooting star!

Patrick Star

(Starts at 0:59)

If you want to fight, then come on, let’s Super Brawl

Krust Krush andIce Cream a punk, when I start to ball

Come over, I’d probably run you over if you don’t drown

So roll on little doggy and go back to your town

Maybe have a glitch on the toilet and die like Elvis Presley

The only reason you survived this long is through Disney Infinity

You can have repentance, but you’re already life sentenced

You’ve hit Rock Bottom, but you can join cousin LEROY JENKINS!


(Starts at 1:19)

Maka maka, your rhymes are making me Drowsy,

I don't even think Lax could make someone this lousy!

Art thou feeling it now, Patrick? If not, ziz-ziz, hahaha!

You can keep the element you live in, dunga haga blabla!

Get ready, Patrick Star, because now Stitch is loose,

And I'll conquer this battle just like I conquered Spooks!

I'm of super genius design, you're a role model to idiots everywhere!

Ikata! Leave before I throw you out like your Renaissance Fair!

Who Won


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Patrick Star: CaveJohnson333, GIR 5 Life, M.A.T.S.H., Silent Mocker, LeandroDaVinci, GravityMan (6)

Stitch: TKandMit, Taviwave, The Flatwoods Monster, Cyanwrites, Captain Warrior, JakeTheManiac, Drakan95, Dr. So6, TheEyeofAllEyes, Hawkeye bowman 13 (10)