Elsa vs Sub Updated

Woopdy-doo, a totally original battle (bpf). 

No but in all seriousness. This is one I've liked the concept of and have been wanting to make for a while. This third Alanomaly Rap Battle features Queen Elsa of Arendelle battling Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero.







(Beat: )

Queen Elsa

You may have video game fame, but you’re just a zombie Noob.

You were directly replaced by Kuai Liang in Mortal Kombat II.

You’ve got one ice blade, I’ve got Arendelle completely froze.

Bringing your health down to an absolute Sub-Zero.

If you think you’re beating me, add that to your Mythologies.

I’m the most complex to be created by the crew of Disney.

I never harm others, I only protect myself

You’re an exception, I’ll throw your game back on the shelf.

Start Running Man, you’re just a Shredder reminiscent.

I’m Letting it Go as my snow begins to glisten.


You puny little butterfly, let’s see your metamorphosis.

You freed your own life, but endangered everyone else’s.

It’s time to show you a Fatality Spine Rip lesson,

As no one should have a life as sorrowful as Elsa’s.

I’m known within a game, you have a frame for 30 hours.

Nowadays, when Scorpion sees me, all he can do is cower.

You somehow beat Rapunzel’s record of CGI hair threads.

Once you leave this battle, your whole kingdom will be torn to shreds.

The only thing within my series to bring down it’s popularity

Is the removing of Fatality due to the Universe of DC.

Queen Elsa

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Cause your rhymes just seem to blow, man.

My disses leave you to being in need of the Mountain Trolls.

Once you’ve left them, you’ll get ambushed by Smoke.

I take the throne, first Disney Queen instead of princess.

Recreating Marshmallow so that you may leave me to my loneliness.


You walk a lonely road, your only friend is the snowmen.

But who knew that the Queen of Arendelle likes to blow men?

Your bond with your sister is weaker than that of mine and my brother’s,

And with that twist ending, Hans may as well have been her lover.

This fight ends here, a Sub-Zero Flawless victory.

Once Upon a Time, this would have not been the end of the Ice Queen.






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  • This is the first male vs female battle of Alanomaly Rap Battles, and is the first of which to include a female rapper in general.
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