Well, it's not technically 3 years of Alanomaly, more like a little over 2 years of Alanomaly with almost a year of Richard10. Fuck that first username tho lol.

I was gonna release a battle for this but nah.

I don't have shiete for battles done.

Idk. I've been on the site for three years now.

Goddamn it feels like less tho.

Idk what else to put for this. I'm not good at blogs.

I could get all emotional and stuff but nah. I do that enough irl already.

Don't bother too much with this blog if at all.

Go read some better blogs like Yertle vs Hitler or Qwark vs Brannigan or Chapter VII - Rhaegar Targaryen or Dawn of the Wiki or something. Those are all more interesting than just an anniversary blog.

Granted two of those I haven't read but they're pretty much without a doubt gonna be more interesting than this thing which has absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

But ye 3 years.