Hello, Welcome to my tourney.15 sign up spots. rules: 1. one character per franchise, with the exception of smash bros. 2.If your out, don't complain. 3. I will be doing twists in the raps in round 2.


1.Me as Link

2.Firebrand795 as Demoman

3.Dragonblood as Banjo/kazooie

4.Wonderpikachu as Pac man

5.Captain Warrior as Ezio

6.SierraStalker as Tira

7.Four4 as Lee Everett

8.Hungry4souls as Lone Wanderer

9.Wach as Geo Stealer

10.Awesome gamer as Kefka

11.Killerface as Mokujin

12.TkandMit as Niko

13.Polarbore as City guard (oblivion)

14.Ximena as Samantha Byrne

15.Panchamp as Pit

16.Nikki Lee as L piece (Tetris)

                                    Round 1



1.Geo Stealer vs Demoman

2.Mokujin vs Kefka

3.Ezio vs Link

4.Samantha Bryne vs Lone Wanderer

5.Pac Man vs L Piece

6.Niko vs City Guard

7.Pit vs Tira

8.Lee vs. Banjo

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