This is a battle that I wrote between two classic movie monsters: the classic American ape monster, King Kong, and the infamous Japanese kaiju, Godzilla. They fought each other on screen, so now, their feud changes forms. 

The Battle


Konnichiwa, Kong. This time, there'll be no escape

Seems I won't need my mecha version to defeat the "mighty" ape

This baboon buffoon against a killer kaiju?

Kid, I've played Mario Kart with a scarier Kong than you

I'm the one who actually has my hand grasping a lass

As I kick my foot right up into your stop-motion ass

We've fought once before, right? I remember the stench

So prepare yourself, Kong, 'cause it's Godzilla's Revenge

King Kong:

You think that you can beat me? What do you think that you're doing?

Just get your lips to match up with all that crap that you're spewing

I fight dinosaurs every day, it's your turn in the ring

I'm the greatest in the world, that's why they call me a king

Dropping bombs like Nagasaki with each lyrical line

I'm the Eighth Wonder of the World, you're like the biggest ball of twine

You think that you're famous? No one knows your real name

And so I'm gonna knock you down to size, painstaking frame by frame


I'm the King of Monsters and I am the king of this brawl

And, though you may be called King, I am the God of them all

If you're such a mighty monster, then why don't you explain

How you were taken down by bullets from a 1930's plane?

I fought terrifying monsters to defend the Japanese

The biggest monsters that you've had to face 'til now have been your fleas

You can beat your hairy chest while I beat your furry butt

'Cause when your lead is Jack Black, you know your film's gonna suck

King Kong:

How dare you insult me! I'm the reason you were made!

I'll take over Tokyo and form my Empire State

I think I'll call up Peter Jackson, let you get beat up by Frodo

Then I'll destroy your oxygen and suffocate this dumb komodo

You think you're so tough when you're belching H-Bomb light

But I'm heading back to Skull Island, I've had enough of this fight

Because it doesn't matter who beat whom when this battle's done

We fought each other on screen and I have already won




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