Sorry this is phrased informally. I am not trying to take a swing at the admins.

Renaming the associated talk pages (comments) of a page when renaming a page is incredibly easy. Not doing so is incredibly annoying. The last three or four battles, whatever admin has been renaming the pages has been messing up and not renaming the associated talk pages.

The problem with NOT renaming the talk pages

When you don't rename a talk page, it becomes incredibly tedious to navigate the past comments of the wiki. Let's say you look through the contribution history of somebody, and you seethat they made an interesting, or maybe even suspicious comment on the page "Epic Rap Battles of History 54".

Let's say you want to read this particular comment from my contribution history Maybe the comment will give you confirmation that I am a sock of Biggy Smooth or something.

In order to find the comment in it's entirety, you'd need to

  1. Click the Link
  2. Click the redirect page that it truly links to
  3. Click through 26 pages of comments 2 at a time until you finally get to it.

If we renamed the associated talk pages, it would only take one click and the wiki would automatically take you straight to the comment.

How to rename the associated talk pages

It's actually harder NOT to rename them than it is to name them. When you go to rename a page, there are 4 boxes to check.

Box 1: Rename associated talk page Keep this clicked.

Box 2: Leave a redirect behind

Box 3: Rename subpages of talk page (up to 100) click this just in case

Box 4: Follow this page

It's that easy. And I know that you at least used to know how to do it. Rick Grimes vs Walter White has 17,000 comments. Most of those comments came from long before it was ever released.

I'm not trying to disrespect the admins, but please learn to do this one easy thing so that wiki navigation will be a lot easier for people trying to look at old comments.

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