Hey everyone!I`ve just got a small list of People and Other Things i would sorta like on ERB.

Clark Griswald

I`m a big fan of the movies.In case you`ve never heard of them,The National Lampoons Vacation Series stars Clark Griswald,A family farther who bottles up all his anger until the end where he goes insane played by Chevy Chase.

Indiana Jones

A famous explorer would be pretty cool.

Bill Nye

Lots of people want him,So do i.Cuz SCIENE RULEZ!Bill-bill-bill-bill-bill-bill-billlllllllllll nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the science guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Kevin Flynn

The main star of Tron,Kevin would be a pretty cool raper.

The Stig

I demonstrated him in a fanmade rap battle:Rainbow Dash vs The Stig.He would be cool.

Mark "Frosty" Winterbottom

He`s a famous V8 racer from the land down under,where i come from.He`s real cool and he even makes a camo in Cars 2.

John Lassader

Speaking of Cars 2,Pixar has only been mentioned in one rap battle.John Lassader is the founder of Pixar and helped direct the very first toy story.

That is pretty much it.If you have any ideas,post bellow.

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