Epic Rap Battles Of History





Hey Tokagawa i heard your a shogun.

and you look like your no fun and you should just moan and cry to the sun cause im number one

your just a fail but your power isnt the same its very lame 

why dont take up wrestling and that be good for you cause my power now has gone up by my mamluks will cut you through

and i will take your blades they and use them beat you and use them on my crusades.


konnichiwa crusader cause im gonna beat ya and plus and ur ugly than darth vader

Look now im the best shogun ever known cause im going to pwn

i ready your pages about the middle ages you never gonna be famous as me

i would run along and flee and cause im a shogun of japan and a mighty MC

also a awesome warrior and really strong and your very wrong you are just boring and old 

your not even smart you got a very dark cold heart

your even a bitch and your so lame

im a god and on the games your just a mod

you didnt even manage to beat richord the lionhearted and now your flight has been departed and smashed

oh look your computer just crashed


Shut up you old fool ill kick you to school you look like a tool

you maybe a shogun im a crusader tougher than darth vader

just look your just a boring old rapper that is a wrinkly geezer troll

cause ill chop you ill beat you and also defeat you


Shut up im the best and better than the other rest and just confess that you have failed

and the power and

you have lost

im a samurai that likes to dash then gives u a deadly slash

make you crash make you fall down like wall

cause you slow it be easy to hit you with my final blow

you are also without honor because you are about to be a goner and this is your fate

your even oldman cant even have date

i learnt martial arts im a god of sword and lord and ruler and shogun and i have won

so you done and and now you will fall to my blade


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