I don't need a shield to protect myself from this savage

Cause this time it's the spit that will do some damage!

My show's a crystal gem! Pride of CN while your movie's corrupted

I can barely hear ya cause the static noise interrupted!

This old Psycho has more skeletons than just his mom

Crying himself over breakfast cause all his friends are gone

Good thing then you won't be missed when I drop some Steven bombs!

Your sex life is just like your motel: pratically no one comes!

I'm floating up high in the sky! Face it, you can't harm this fly

I'm even harder to reach than the women you spy

You cockblock yourself! Try rapping against your other persona

Not even a fusion could raise the hopes for this loner

Mrs. Bates:

Norman, is that rap music I hear?!


Yes, ma! And I'm about to kill it in here

If your mother was a Rose then you must be the prick

You change your shape, but will always be a little shit

I changed the name of horror with the gore in my hands

Meanwhile, the biggest horror out of you is your fans!

Hard to be the pacifist when your past ain't the nicest

You're rocking guilt that's more messed up than an identity crisis

Your so-called crystal gem is more of a polished turd

Say, Uncle Grandpa didn't give you good ratings, I've heard

Not only that, but Ronaldo and Lars still make you infamous

We all go a little mad sometimes, but that's just ridiculous!

Kill some calories, fatty! You're like a bubble in a bubble

Bring Connie into this fight and I'll show you how to split a couple!


I've got over a hundred episodes for you to be dissing it

That's because your relevance is over, isn't it?

I live in the Beach City while you're pastier than Sour Cream

Now run before I cut you more than they cut that shower scene!

Peridot comes up with better insults than this clod

I'm way better and fighting's the only education I got!

Not even with a remake you could save that stupid verse

You're older than me, but nothing's bigger than the Universe!


Nothing except your hiatus, of course

You're like a homeworld ship: going off course!

I don't hate your show, I hate what it's become

The same rebel group story that's already been done

No education? Kindergarten is a good place to start

You know I mean serious Bismuth when I break weak gems apart