Percy Jackson:

Potter? Harry Potter? As in The Boy Who Lived long enough to battle me

but now is gonna fall harder than his mommy and daddy

when he faces this one-man army, fighting monsters and gods

while you were still on your Diagon way to Gringotts?

Don't bring a stick to a swordfight. This pen is mightier than your words!

Still, I think I'll bring a Styx and never again be hurt!

I'll cast a curse on this weak Horcrux

My raps will scar you for life, the pain only gets worse!

You're a geeky, scrawny newbie hanging out with losers

while I'm cruisin' on epic quests, skipping school like Ferris Bueler

I'm training hard with my crew, you have to sit through abuse

Doesn't take a profecy to know who's better, dude. Want me to spell it out for you?

Harry Potter:

As a matter of fact, you shouldn't. We all know you're bad at spelling

Think you'll win? Trelawney has better fortune-telling

You suck as an archer, so don't talk about sticks

Oh, and my first time with a sword? Slayed a basilisk

At least I don't have to constantly rescue my friends

Neither did I have one backstab me in the end

You're better off playing catch the flag, you training dummy!

Now leave me alone so I can count my box-office money

Percy Jackson:

Your main power is love, how lame can you get?

My water skills are so cool, they make Ginny wet

Trying to act mature when Hermione does all the work

while you and Ron are busy playing ball like jerks!

You're in a Labyrinth of disses you can't aparate away from

Your convoluted story is an even bigger Riddle than Tom!

Harry Potter:

Your rhymes belong in Azkaban, along with the rest of the filth

Being neglected by your father, is that one of your skills?

I spit Goblets of Fire! You can't flow like the water you control

Your books boil down to a Monster of the Week show!

Go back to Tartarus, I think your movie franchise is there

Afraid of the sky? Seems like I'm not the one who needs to grow a pair

I'm a fantasy prodigy! Your greek mythology is overplayed

My fans still ask for Pottermore while your fame faded away