So hey everybody I'm 723tbone I love this wiki here's who I think won each battle

1.john lennon " I wonder how much bush payed you to suck his dick

2. Darth vader " so many dudes went with you're mom who even knows if I'm you're father.

3. Chuck Norris " his last verse

4 I dont want to talk about it.

5. Kim Jong ill "you're wife said my dick is bigger than youres.

6.betoven I'm glad I'm death so i don't have to hear that piece of shit my world

7.albert e "have a seat Steve oops I see you brought you're own

8. Genghis Kahn " he just did

9. Napoleon b " you're the only type of dynamite that's never going to bang

10 bill mays " it's bad enough I have to see you every time I tip a stripper.

12 William Shakespeare "his last verse

13 mr Rogers you made you're name t because you don't know how to spell

14 Chris Columbus Ill stick a flags u you're ass and claim you for Spain

15 epic Lloyd " all of his we're epic

16 hitler " now you're six six and black and can't get a date

17 Leonids I'd look you in the eyes but you're to much of a bitch to show you're face. 18 tie

19 elvis I let you marry my daughter cause I knew you'd never bang her

20 cleopatra " you married a writer but I don't even think you can read.

21 bill gates " all his lines were great

22. Frank Sinatra changed you're name to mercury. Should of been Freddy Uranus

23 mitt Romney

24. Dr who I liked all of them

25 Clint east wood won bu my fave part was the chair joke

26 batman " because of robin

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