Thomas Edison

If i recalled correctly you died being broke

You're invention looks like some thing I shit on... sniffing coke

You died as unknown as you're geographical zone

How does it feel to live you're life alone?

I'm a Better inventor I already said

With you're girl the lights weren't the only thing that sparked up in bed.

Dc beats ac any day

People know you now as the guy who was gay

You're inventions were as bad as you're hair style

If we had a famous competition I would beat you by a mile

Nikola tesla

Hi their my dear fatass son

In ac/dc remind me who won?

If you didn't notice ac powers the niagra falls

You were scared ac would kill someone... Wow you have small balls

You made a huge mistake inventing the microphone

Now everybody here could tell you got owned

My demonstrations were the coolest thing people seen

I think everybody could agree me and George Westinghouse made a much better team

Thomas Edison

All have you know I had over 1,000 inventions

You can beat me? Not even with protection

You are unknown even at a light convention

My ideas are far beyond you're comprehension

Nikola Tesla

I developed a weapon 100 times a nuclear bomb

I'm smarter then you just face it Tom

Do you even know what an Atom is? What about a quark.

With you're girl last night lights weren't the only thing that sparked.

Who won? who's next? You decide.

Who won

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