Batman vs superman

Superman - me

Batman - DexterMaximus

Begin!!!!! start at 0:18

It's about time you meet your destiny but essentially just consider it your penalty

You claim you're fearless but you're to much of a pussy to reveal your identity

I'm a champion! bitch I could defeat the whole justice league my self

And if it wasn't for your wealth you'd just be garbage put on the shelf

You're greatest enemy is just a clown that's mentally insane

And your boy robin is gay just like you Bruce Wayne

Use any of your machines I won't feel pain

I'm the most popular superhero everybody knows my name

When I look at you I see nothing you're so transparent

And when you're done with me you will be in the same place as your parents

It's Clark kent in the building with his freakin X-ray vision.

I'm so oped but atleast I win with dignity and presision

Batman And robin was the worst movie I've even seen

And I don't kill my enemy's because I'm not always mean

End at 0:44

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