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King Arthur vs Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton:

You pulled a sword from a stone. So you got rewarded with an army and a kindom with trees

But that isn't even close to discovering gravity

With so many scientific discoveries

You should wish you were me

You think you helped England you only made it lesser

Don't you dare call me Isaac call me professor

Calculus, mechcanic, gravity you name it

You have so many slaves but you still look like shit

I would write about you in my journal if I actually cared

So go cry. Home to you're daddy oh wait he wasn't their

Your kingdom looks even more shitier than your tomb

You better watch out because I'm dropping apple bombs

King Arthur:

My name's King Arthur, I'm a true noble Briton

I took your science workings and used them to shit on

I've got a sword and shield, what've you got?

Nothing! A pen & paper, and that's the lot!

You're pointless, without you, gravity would still exist

It allows my army to charge at you through the mist!

I am skilled in fighting,not to mention rap

You're skilled in nothing, you're just a pile of crap

I'm rapping from Annwyn the Welsh underworld

Because I'm deadly when my true power is unfurled

Isaac Newton:

You're a overhyped orphan raised with magic, people question if you've even existed

And their weren't any confirmed reports of you none that are even listed

You claim you have fighting skills ha your army does all the work

While you sit around acting like a jerk

Making those horrible rhymes acting like a bitch

I don't need my telescope to notice you'd be nothing, NOTHING if you weren't rich

You can't defeat me in a battle so why in a war

If you think you could beat me with ease, ask your queen who has the mightier sword

If this was a test you certainly wouldn't pass

My talent level is everlasting just like mass

You have such a big mouth for a person killed by a small knight

In science I'm considered a god so let their be light

King Arthur:

Actually, I am a fighter, I'm the leader of my army

I'm a good fighter in rap as well, but your raps can't harm me

I am strong, it's known, I pulled the sword from the stone

At least once in my life I had the chance to bone

That's right, you were a virgin throughout your life

While I was showing my massive sword to my sexy wife

I may be a legend, but I still just hammered you

A myth can beat Isaac Newton, and that's so true

I'll chop you with Excalibur, and hack you with my axe

Face it, Isaac, I'm the winner - and that's the facts

Who won?

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