Instrumental: Let it Go (single version) instrumental

Elsa's lines are bold

Anna's lines are italicized

Sub's lines are normal

Elsa and Anna together are italicized and bolded

You think you can stand up to me?

I can freeze your lungs, make it impossible to breathe!

I have the power to create hills of snow,

And that's magically accurate, you know!

Your ugly face is a vast disgrace!

We'll put your sword case back in your maze!

And before you try to step to me,

We'll be saying: FATALITY!

Two little girls, go home to your castle,

Only in a dream will you ever win this battle!

And before you freeze my heart with snow,

Why don't you be like your powers, and let your raps go?

My rhymes are as cold as your ice,

And I can create some life from light!

You're kidding, only I can create icy life

And I can win this battle without a fight,

Because when I finish freezing your cold, dead eyes,

You'll be regretting your dumb, foolish lies!

Yeah, stepping to my sister is a mistake,

And we'll turn your suit into a flat pancake!

You aren't getting any birthday cake,

'Cause all you're getting this Christmas is a stake in your face!