Been almost a month since the Week of ERBIdeas. Was busy with AP testing so had no time to finish any battles so here's a new battle. Back in action.


Phil Spencer:  

Xbox has got a bone to pick with this Nintendo spin off.

People hear Sony and turn away, starting to scoff.

Microsoft is a bigger company then Sony as a whole.

A bigger rip off then the original price of your 3rd console! 

We own the rights to all the fan favorite gaming names!

Sony has less supporters then there is Vita games!

I step to mic and this other CEO gets attacked.

You'll be burned by me worse then when your servers got hacked!

Andrew House: 

Playstation is ready to watch the Xbone take its last breath.

A bigger threat to Xbox then the red ring of death.

To even compete with us, you had to have a price drop.

You've got little to no exclusives, so just stop.

If people want to go online, for you they have to pay.

And your console is a spying tool for the NSA.

Took two years for your cable box console to take effect.

A more useless product then the fucking Kinect!

Gabe Newell:

Hold up! Gaben's here to spread Steam Sale cheer!

But for other gaming consoles, I'm here to spread fear.

I'll smash both of these bad CEO's ugly faces.

PC always wins in the console races. 

I step through a Portal, ready to bring a Counter Strike. 

You two have nothing revolutionary, so take a hike.

Turn the Valve up, Sony can't handle fights.

And Xbox makes people pay for gaming rights!

Shigeru Miyamoto:

You've all met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

With Nintendo here, there is nothing you can do.

Sony's a phony, you only exist because of us.

And Microsoft just exists in the market to make a fuss.

And Gabe, how you even going to step to me? 

You can't beat me if you can't even count to three!

I'm Miyamoto, the only true gaming god of innovation!

I saved the video game industry from its own detonation!

I create gaming hype. That something you won't.

Because Ninten-Does what you all Don't.


EPIC RESPAWNED RAP "Sound cuts out and blue screen of death appears"

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