It's a-me! The final battle of my Week of ERBIdeas. This was probably my favorite of the battles i've wrote this past week. Introducing my video game rap battle series, Respawned ERBIdeas. Of course, had to start with Mario VS Sonic. Let'sa go.



The fastest game character runs into this fight.

This fat plumber can't outrun this werehog's bite.

I'm coming unleashed, you'll meet your defeat.

Even in the Olympics you were easily beat.

You treat Yoshi like shit, not a hero, you're a destroyer. 

You're simply based off of a dick of a lawyer.

You kill the innocent with every block you break.

You helped the CD-i with Hotel Mario for god's sake.

Now this blue speedster has got to go.

I'd ask you to come but You're Too Slow!


It's a-me! I'll burn you fast like when i have a fire flower.

Your rap are dryer then Bowser, this is my finest hour!

Allow this all-star game character to weight-in.

Collect your chaos emeralds and become a rip of Super Sayian.

I'm an innovative icon and that's something everyone knows.

I sell millions! From Mario Kart to Super Smash Bros!

In all the Mushroom Kingdom, i'm the greatest MC.

There no bigger OG then me in this whole galaxy.

Your recent games are as big of fails as the Sega CD.

When Nintendo steps to the mic, it means Sega's doom.

And do i even have to bring up Sonic Boom?


Good one Mario. Ha! In your Dreamcast.

Let this retro legend be your blast from the past.

If i recall, your first game didn't even have your name.

And all your god damn platformers are the fucking same!

I'll crush you like Knuckles, you'll fly away with a wing hat like Tails.

With every one of our Generations, you create fails.

Who the fuck do you think you're dissing?  

Talk about bad games, how about Mario is Missing?

I've proved in our console war that i'm tough as nails.

Your raps fall flatter then the Wii U's sales!


I'm the very face of gaming! You can't even compare!

I change up the industry more then you could even dare.

Sega ruined you entirely, that's quite a shame.

You're main villain was so embarrassed, he changed his name!

With all your Colors and Heroes, you still get wrecked.

You're nothing but a furry blue man group reject!

You'll forever be For Hire, no matter what you do.

And i remember a theory proved that i'm faster then you!

Might need me to fix your toliet, cause after this, you'll shit bricks!

Your rhymes suck more then your game back in 06'!



Who Won?

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