So haven't been on here in a while. Mostly because I'm working on my actual writing career instead of fanmade rap battles lol. Anyway, had planned to make a return just for this battle, and then vanish again. Anyway, here it is, the battle between Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Adios. 

EPIC RESPAWNED RAP BATTLES! The Lone Wanderer VS The Dragonborn! BEGIN!


Dare to step the one and only dragon killer?

You fight giant roaches, tell me who's more iller?

You're just a hack of a hero, I'm the Dovakiin!

I can kill world eaters, just ask Alduin.

From here to Whiterun, everybody knows my name!

Every game in your series is exactly the fucking same!

I'll turn your dog into meat and your power armor to scrap.

Cause no man or beast is safe when I'm on the attack.

I'm a gaming god, you're just an tiny little troll.

What's the matter? Did somebody steal your sweet roll?

Lone Wanderer:

Shout all you want, those rhymes were just weak.

Now I'm dropping bombs in this beat, admit defeat.

I'm the post apocolyptic MC, I think that you'll find.

I'll ruin your franchise's name more then Elder Scrolls Online.

From these lines I'll give you a radiactive feel.

My rhymes are more metal then the Brotherhood of Steel.

Tell all of Tamriel about how this chosen one's a fail.

Who's rapping, like his horned helmet, is frail.

Take off that weak armor, get it through to your head.

You entered the wasteland and you ended up dead.


Screw the wasteland, this fucking Skyrim bitch!

You want a big name game? Well here's the stitch.

From Morrowind to Oblivion, you were always 2nd rate.

You're just another dweller, so accept your fate. 

Sequel to your series? That's just plain scary.

Just another clone, should rename the franchise Gary.

Go back to Boston, you can pretend this ended in a draw.

Round 2? I think I'd rather be ripped apart by a Deathclaw.

You're radiated franchise is nothing but a blah.

And I'll blow you away like FUS-RO-DAH!

Lone Wanderer:

Please, your screams can't be heard from inside the vault.

You're game is overrated anyway, that's your own fault.

You're creepy Daedric ass belongs with the Dark Brotherhood.

I've create more hype for a sequel then you ever could.

So don't bother to try and play me for a fool.

Or I'll kill you quick and let you turn into a ghoul.

I'll log your death in my pip-boy, supplied by Vault-Tec.

I'm a Supermutant on the mic, that's one thing you won't forget.

Shout at dragons all you want, I'll laugh when you choke.

Your lines were worse then an Arrow to the Knee joke.


EPIC RESPAWNED RAP BATTLES! "Nuke drops and destroys the logo" 

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