FANDOM's been a long run. Lot of battles have been made, some of which nobody said a thing about, others got pretty positive feedback. But's time to end it. ERBIdeas will no longer be my rap battle series...

...instead i will be splitting my rap battles into three different series.

First Announcement

ERBIdeas - The series you see now and the series you will see in the future. Anything Rap Battles, doesn't matter where from or who it is, if i want to do it, i will.

Comical ERBIdeas - A new version of ERBIdeas for specifically Comic Book Characters. It can be same series, different series, or different publisher all together. These rap battles are for comic book geeks and fans. 

Respawned ERBIdeas - A new version of ERBIdeas for all you gamers out there. This site is for gaming battles only. (Most likely, most of these battles will have been done by J1coupe already so make sure to check out his battles as well.) 

I've decided to do this as i'd like to keep the various battles i do more organized. (Even though this sounds like it will do the opposite.) 

Second Announcement: 

Starting Monday April 6th till Friday April 10th, i will be having a Week of ERBIdeas. Monday through Wednesday will be a trio of new ERBIdeas battles, Thursday will be the first Comical ERBIdeas battle and Friday will be the first Respawned ERBIdeas. The first battle is already ready and i'll be doing the second one today. It'll be a lot of reading and coming up with lyrics that aren't super stupid, but i'm sure at least one person will read them lol. 

Welp that's all the news i've got for you today. Thanks for reading, and see you monday. Oh, and happy Easter.