Well well well...hello there all. So i'm here with a little dark magic to bring you some news about ERBIdeas. So starting around  say Labor Day, the series will return in full force. Now, some of you may be wondering, what is this idiot talking about? Well if that's you then go read one of the battles before i rip your heart out. Now the rest of you are probably wondering, why is this an update on both S5 and S6? Well you see, i have decided to make it so S5 & S6 will be one long nonstop train from now till november/december. After that, i'll be gone from writing battles for a long while (probably not till June-ish) I'll be trying to release 2 battles a week, probably Monday and Friday but that could change due to scheduling conflicts. (Yeah yeah, i release too much blah blah blah whatever. I want to be a writer anyway so it's good practice.) 24 new battles. What are they? Well it just so happens that i have a hint list...have fun trying to guess...some you might get...some you might not...i'm not telling you regardless. Ta-ta for now. (

Hints for S5 & S6 (No particular release order):

  • Everything Changes - Ash Ketchum VS Charles Darwin
  • Southern Style - Eminem VS Johnny Cash
  • Nerds Can Be Cool Too - Steve Urkel VS Arthur Fonzarelli
  • Blast Off - Astronauts VS Astronomers 
  • Arts and Crafts - ??? VS ???
  • Honorable Idiots
  • Japanese Minds - ??? VS ???
  • Three Sides to Love - ??? VS ???
  • What Is - ??? VS ???
  • Another Frame by Frame
  • Men of Action
  • Dark Lords - ??? VS ???
  • War & Power
  • Mom & Dad - ??? VS ???
  • Silent but Weird
  • Dual of the Egyptian
  • Swing, Baby
  • Females Write History
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • Warrior Women - ??? VS ???
  • Sharp Hands and Tongues 
  • Bros & Duos
  • Sweet Stuff
  • The Boys of Britain - ??? VS ???