So I had no idea that Bond vs Powers was gonna happen and this was already almost done so uh...yeah. Anyway, one battle left in this season which im hoping will be up next week, then onto working on S6. (might stop making these after S6)


Indiana Jones VS James Bond! 



Bond. Why'd it have to be bond?

Just a rash on the industry who won't move on.

I got the power of John Williams on my back.

Now it's my Q to be on the attack.

Yeah, I do it all for the fortune and the glory.

While you can't even come up with an original story.

Part time teacher, full time rapping master.

Facing off against me, you're headed for disaster.

If I described you in one word, I'd say misogyny. 

And I think I liked you better as a sixties parody.


Best face facts when you're facing Goldeneye.

I'm a man of mystery and an international spy.

In my Aston Martin, I'm ready to strike.

I'm taking shots likes a PPK on the mic.

You're out of your element, archaeologist Han Solo.

You haven't had a hit since '08, I'm raking in dough.

I'm 007, but with the ladies, I'm always #1.

Call this your Last Crusade because you're done.

In any kind of battle, I get in the last word.

I take my raps like my drinks, shaken not stirred.


You know, for an old man, I'm not bad in a fight.

I outran boulders and nazis, I'll make it out alright.

I'm a rapper, you're a Spectre, you fell, my fame grew.

You switch actors more than fucking Doctor Who.

Connery or Craig, I'll give them all the slip.

You're beaten, Bond, now watch me whip!


Dr.No no no, please don't try to nae nae at all.

Your raps have worse writing than Crystal Skull

Your franchise is forgotten, you're too old you shit.

Fifth film? Make like your sidekick and Just Do It!

You'll never top me, my rhymes cut deeper than a diver.

Because I won't be outdone by a wannabe Macgyver!


Yes I know, I am making this up as I go.

But compared to me, you've got no flow.

Just have a death wish! Should tell the kids in my course.

The only thing they'll be digging up is your corpse!


Hmph. No defiant last words, Doctor Jones?

Because you for sure won't be digging up my bones.

After film four, your franchise is on a thread.

I only need one shot and you're already dead.




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