so figured with Season 5 of ERB starting and Captain America Civil War being out next week, i'd do this battle. I've also been writing random lyrics to normal songs, specifically ones about pop culture (ex: a song for Legend of Zelda from Ganondorf's perspective. I listen to Nathan Sharp too much.) so maybe ill post one of those randomly sometime if people want to read it. 

Nice Peter as Uncle Sam

EpicLloyd as Captain America


Captain America:

Here comes Cap, at the ready to start this fight.

World War Vet, here to fight for what's right.

I've already been twice considered dead.

Send burns so harsh they'll turn your skull red.

I stop avenge and stop villains as far as the eye can see.

If you give up while you can, it'd be Yankee Doodle Dandy.

Im the greatest patriot in the entire human race.

Such a badass that I punched Hitler in the face.

Uncle Sam:

Think you scare me with your little frisbee?

You should be afraid of stepping to the all american MC.

I'm the main man, representing patriotic emotion.

You fight for false freedom, an illegimate devotion.

I Want You to give up this fight. 

If you want to make it out of here alright.

You wanna see liberty? Then take a look.

You've got more issues then your comic book!

Captain America:

Let's take a look back, into the past we shall delve.

You haven't been relvant since the war of 1812.

With a outfit like that, you look like a loon.

People only can recognize you from a political cartoon.

I'm a super soldier! You can't beat me!

You're too busy trying to sell people KFC!

With all the foreign nations you want to destory.

You're just a forgotten, old man, poster boy!

Uncle Sam: 

You suck at your job so you've been replaced twice.

And I believe your just a bit too nice.

You cried 'language!' every time somebody swore.

You went overboard American and started a Civil War.

You made your way through the Carter family tree.

And caused ownership disputes between Kirby and Lee.

Every story you've ever been in has been dull.

Now at this battle's end, you're gonna cry 'Uncle!'




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