Hello dearies. Rumplestiltskin at your service. Coming to give you news about ERBIdeas...and possibly cause some trickery and make deals while I can.

The Schedule will be one battle every tuesday until the finale. As of now S4 is done with 4 of this seasons 12 battles, so there will be 8 more battles in the coming weeks. Here is a better look at the schedule, including hints for the upcoming battles and links to the already posted battles.

ERBIdeas Season 4:


1 - Jesse James VS Billy the Kid 

2 - Dorthy VS Alice

3 - Ulysses S Grant VS Robert E Lee

4 - James Moriarty VS Ernst Stavro Blofeld


5 - "Slow Motion Grid" Releasing: July 21st

6 - "Rainbow Squads" Releasing: July 28th

7 - "Holla at My Musical Offering" Releasing: August 4th

8 - "4 R's. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rap" Releasing: August 11th

9 - "Animals Here to Play Hard" Releasing: August 18th

10 - "Nothing Gold" Releasing: August 25th

11 - "Sarcastically Saving Lives" Releasing: September 1st

12 - "The Funny Guys" Releasing: September 8th

So there is that. Have fun with that info. Or don't and i'll rip your heart out later. Or maybe we can make a deal and i'll get your first born instead. Heh heh...Dark One out.