So i've decided to go to season 7 and then that will be it for ERBIdeas so I can focus on college and writing my actual stories. (unless nobody reads like any of season 6 then ill just stop after this one lol) I'm gonna attempt to put out a battle a week so I can get through all of them. I need two more battles and I think I might try to use Katniss Everdeen and Brendon Urie but I'm not 100% on opponents for them. Regardless, here's the next battle for Season 6. 


Yugi Moto VS King Tut! 


Yugi Moto:

Oh look, the king with the S&M quite cruel.

Well now I think it's time to D-d-d-d-duel!

I'll single-handedly conquer every one of your 18 dynasties.

Cause bitch I can even turn my bullies into my besties.

I've got bonds beyond time, you're mummified and forgotten.

I spit harsh rhymes while your corpse turns rotten.

Now your life points are all draining, you'd better improve.

Else I've dissed you to dust in one verse, your move.

King Tut:

You dare to challenge the king with raps that blow.

You've been replaced multiple times in your show.

I'm a desert on this mic, dropping hot rhymes like fire.

You've got no room for comparison to my empire.

They modeled the Sphinx after me cause I rip my enemies apart.

You've been losing this rap battle like card games from the start.

I'm a true egyptian, and by the time I'm done. 

The Nile won't be the only thing that runs.

Yami Yugi:

Now you screwed up and just activated my trap card.

I'll send everything you throw at me to the graveyard.

Allow Atem to show you how to be a Pharaoh.

Because your aim is off, your shots are narrow.

I'd imagine you'll be needing another Requiem. 

You haven't been relevant since the last millennium.

Your spells have no effect, guess I'm just blessed.

You call me an insect? You're a product of incest!

You wanna call this a card game? I got a royal flush.

I'll finish this penalty game with a mind crush!

King Tut:

I'll translate hieroglyphics to your date of death.

So hush, don't let these pity raps be your last breath.

Your rhymes are paradoxical, deeming them invalid.

And I'm not afraid of your little rubix pyramid.

You're not the hero, you're just the puppeteer.

Take control for one fight and then you disappear.

Send you to the torture chambers where you'll scream like wilhelm.

Put your ass back where you belong in the shadow realm.



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