So the original plan was this battle would come next and a different battle was to be posted yesterday. Yeah that one is not at all done so since this one is, it's gonna go up instead. Hint on the Ash Williams battle will be for next one. 


Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft!



I think it's time for me to do the world a favor.

I'm bringing forth the fall of the tomb raider.

You only got famous because of your breasts

Comparing your story to mine, nobody's impressed.

Your original game's graphics make me wanna hurl.

And truth is, you weren't even originally a girl.

I'm exploding on the scene, nothing ever been so true.

People play your games cause they wanna raid you.

You've had some real screw ups, that is plain see.

Like your top down and that movie with Angelina Jolie.


Who are you again? You got no title to defend.

By the end of my first verse, it'll be a thief's end. 

It only took six people to create me.

The OG gaming goddess of this industry.

Why do you and your brother like to play two fake Drakes?

You named your daughter after a false name, for god sakes!

You use endless adventure as an excuse to hide.

And your mother just plain committed suicide!

I'm a gaming icon, you're just a wannabe.

Cause you're just a male copy paste of me.

Your daddy ran out, you can't handle these licks.

I've been doing this shit since back in '96.


I could do twenty things before your game will load.

Like enter your nude code that made you explode.

You're an archaeologist, but you're not better than me.

I'm hunting treasure and dropping bombs like a real MC.

You're like crossing a frozen river, got no flow.

While I'm diving out of planes with the cargo.

I'm visiting places that have always been uncharted.

I've been toppling your empire since I started.

I got so many puzzles, like the Zelda of Playstation.

You're treating things too much like a vacation!

Back in the triangle, you lost everything you held dear.

The biggest stain on history since your music career.


So who's your real lover, Sully or Elana?

If you ask me, either way you're lame, uh...

When your exploits lead to death, you're to blame.

Cause every game you've ever made is the same.

I've been on more covers than any woman on earth.

Been wrecking you in game sales since your birth.

Nolan North suffered through motion capture for this?

Your just making yourself way too easy to diss.

Your whole development team looked up to me.

Now you're more dead on water than your movie.



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