Cars and stuff. Ending of the college semester complicates writing this stuff, along with my actual stories, so thats fun.


Henry Ford vs Elon Musk!



Your electric jet means nothing when you're a has-been.

You ain't see nothing yet, so I suggest you buckle in.

Be ready to Dodge, now Ford is on the attack.

I'm driving you back like a goddamn Cadillac. 

I've got all the fame and I've got all the game.

You got none of the same, you're just plain lame.

I've got a Masterful Mind that you could never understand.

I innovate the industry while you attend Burning Man.

You used an actual inventor as your company's namesake.

From South Africa to America, you'll always been in my wake.

You're a wack job with an extraterrestrial message to send.

After this failure, just don't bother to even begin again!


The mind behind the safest car ever created.

Against the dead old man who's just outdated.

Should of stuck to the farm, now you're gonna pay.

You're just a Model-T, while I'm an obvious model A!

Just look at the atrocities your company would commit.

You would support the nazi party if it was for a profit.

Hope they pay you well in the Third Reich.

Cause you're just a general motor on the mic.

We're two men of different paths, so stick to cars.

Cause I build spacecrafts! I'm on a mission to mars!


I worked with Edison, please, you've got nothing on me!

I made travel a breeze, I'm what you wish you could be.

Cause I run laps around you on this race track!

Once you go Ford, you won't want to go back!

I hope your vehicles aren't as shitty as your love life.

You tried three times and could barely keep a wife.

And lets face it, all your theories are deranged.

Cause this mother fucker is completely insane!


You calling me crazy, mister invisible brain waves?

Exactly how much did you treat workers like slaves? 

My million ideas could change society for the better!

While you cant help anybody with a single endeavor. 

My brilliant influence has already left a mark.

Cause I'm so smart that I inspired Tony Stark.

While I count my millions, you can count your losses.

Maybe you should have stuck to repairing watches.




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