So i've recently been sick and bored so i figured i'd write a couple battles, maybe try to finish up S5 already. Anyway, i figured i'd humor the people who suggest 'Mom vs Dad' and do Mother Nature VS Father Time. This battle is literally no research, just puns that are pretty bad, but whatever.


Mother Nature VS Father Time!


Mother Nature:

You think you can challenge the beauty that is Nature?

I grew every plant and helped birth every creature.

I bring forth new life, you deliver new death.

Your hourglass runs out and you steal people's breath.

Hurting Mother Nature is simply a crime.

Personally, I think I prefer Chronos as lord of time.

Come now gramps, you trying to fight is petty.

Do us all a favor and just go die already.

You're older then earth, yet like a baby you pout.

You can go ahead and put yourself into time out.

Father Time: 

Shut your mouth, you don't even know how to rhyme.

You'll get erased from history if you step to Father Time!

Sister, you don't gotta act like im sick and twisted.

I know! I can rewind time to before you even existed.

So you can go ahead and stop, watch and learn.

I'll wilt you so badly, you won't have a second turn.

Cause now Daddy's bringing the pain.

Eat away at you more then Acid Rain!

You dedication to this world fills me with disgust.

I'll fast forward till nature itself is nothing but dust!

Mother Nature:

Please old man, I'll just regrow again, I can't be beat.

From flowers to trees, I'm the bees knees. Admit defeat.

Cause you're an old, crusty creep, your rhymes are weak.

I'd think that this time master would know his future's bleak.

I created food and medicine, you can't even compare.

Try to fuck with Mother Nature, you're in for a scare.

I'll whip up weather that you can't outrun.

I think destroying you will be pretty fun.

I'm the goddess of life, i'm lean, mean, thin, phat.

I have no strife, I'm immortal, you should know that.

Father Time:

Okay, allow me to pause you right then and there.

Global warming will kill you and only Al Gore will care.

Your rapping is meaningless, a failure on the mic.

You've been a disaster since I took my first strike.

Everything you control gets destroyed by pollution.

I helped you change through the use of evolution. 

Truly you must know, I am the most mighty foe.

Your raps are more boring then watching grass grow.

I rule over everything! Bitch, can't you see?

Your plants wouldn't exist if it wasn't for me!


EPIC RAP BATTLES OF... "Time stops and announcer can't finish"

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