The two colorful teams that form giant, similarities are so hard to find. /sarcasm

2015-07-23 14.08.40

Peter, Lloyd, Mary and Xin Wuku as Power Rangers

Ian, Anthony, Rhett, Link and ??? (idk for the youngest kid) as Voltron

Ray William Johnson as White Ranger



It's On! Rappers of the Universe, Voltron.

Against these freaks dressed up for Comic Con.

Everyone knows that you're a rip off of us. 

Throw you in the space dumpster, don't bother to fuss.

We protect the universe, you have to change in an alley.

The only ninjas to ever hail from fucking Cali!

We're all famous for defining awesome TV.

You're famous for your crossover with the TMNT!

Power Ranger:

What was that? A pitiful attempt to rhyme.

Rangers ready! It's Morphin' Time!  

We'll crush these astronauts, stop out the Lion Force.

You're raps are cheaper material then your toys you endorse.  

More annoying then Rita, less threatening then Zed. 

Think it's too late for you kids to be up so go back to bed.

We know martial arts and we're quite clever, so you better fear.

We've been around forever, you got cut after only one year!


We are not astronauts, we're pilots, get it right.

This is a horrid attempt at putting up a fight.

You're shit series gets rebooted every year.

And now its so bad, you're creators shed a tear.

Facing off against this colorful team, you're sure to lose.

Your biggest villain was a guy who sneezed out ooze!

Power Rangers:

Aw, are you kids going to cry to mommy?

Now we'll pass the mic to our main man Tommy!

White Ranger:

Yo! I can be green or white, doesn't matter to me.

Either way i'll smash your asses, i'm a hell of a MC.

You're just animated, we're the real deal.

People mistake you for us, so how's that feel?

You'll be crushed by strength you'll never see.

When you unleash the power of the tiger in me!

"Voltron Robot Forms"


That's it! Now you're gonna get crushed!

Smash your puny zords and leave you in the dust!

You can't best us with your so called hand-eye.

Your shots are cheaper then your shit from Bandai!

Whether Samurai or Dino Charge, you've never had flow.

You're just an Americanized, Japanese TV show!

"Megazord Forms"

Power Rangers:

Zordon knew some weak freaks would come to battle.

Didn't think your robot would be so fragile.

Let you blow up because of the rangers have spoken.

We created cool guys don't look at the explosion.


EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC! "The 5 logos form one big one" RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!

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