I've added a template at the bottom of the post with links to all the other battles, feel free to check out some other stuff. Anyways, Tron, the AI from the Grid, versus Neo, the guy who enters the digital world of the Matrix. 

2015-07-23 14.09.14

Nice Peter as Tron

Zach Sherwin as Neo

EpicLloyd as MCP (Cameo)



Greetings Programs. I'm here to kick it up a tad.

Send Neo here back to the fame he once had.

Space Paranoid? You should be.  

I'm Tron, bitch, you know me.

Shutting you down faster then the MCP.

Your ass is uglier then Commander Sark.

And your bite is as weak as your bark. 

You'll be deleted from history when you enter the Grid.

I'll play games around you till you can't take it, kid.

I'll run over you with my lightcycle. Don't bother taking a risk.

You can eat it, dick, so taste my identity disk!


Bitch, I'm the One, son. Hero of the century.  

Getting things done, you can't even step to me.

My shots are Reloaded, so admit defeat.

I can dodge your attacks by stopping the beat.

Tron? Or is it Rinzler? I can't recall.

Flynn regrets even making you at all.

You talk big for a minor system glitch.

Just a wannabe hero who's nothing but a user's bitch.

I've got more money and fame then you'll ever see.

And I'll cancel your raps like your third movie.


I'll download and derez you back to being a nobody.

Because your attempt at rapping is shoddy.

Tell Morpheus I said he needs to pick a better hero.

Instead of this fuck up who's name should be the Zero.

This user's ability to hack well is a myth.

You lost to a thousand clones of Agent Smith! 

And your game is something we should do away with.

When it comes to shutting down weaklings, i've got a affinity.

If you need me, i'll be inserting my USB into Trinity.

News Flash Bitch! Why don't you get a CLU?  

Because of Revolutions, nobody even likes you!


Was that it? I'm starting to think your circuits are fried.

I'll enter your programming and take you out from inside.

Talk about games? You've got more shit then i'll ever see.

A broken down AI created by Walt Disney!

Upload a virus into your ass, you'll be done. 

Bring peace to the world, declare that i've won.

I can drag you to a trash bin and end this, so be afraid.

Your entire world is just a machine in an arcade!


EPIC "Buffering" RAP BATTLES "Buffering" OF HISTORY!

Who Won?

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