Got S4 partly mapped out so far. This first one was finished at like 11 PM last night lol. Working on some more battles for Respawned ERBIdeas and Comical ERBIdeas as well.


Jesse James

Howdy Partner, you ready for the showdown of your life?

Least I got laid thanks to my wonderful wife.

I'm sharp as a knife. You're about as interesting as a tumbleweed.

And I gotta say that I feel bad for your seed.

Now you can a trip back to the Civil War.

Blasts from the past and guns galore.

Meanwhile your small time antics become a bore.

You moronic orphan, your work is child's play.

I'll rob ya' blind, cause for me it's an easy payday.

Billy the Kid:

This battle means more then simply being a gunslinger.

But I must say, I've got one hell of an itchy trigger finger.

I can rob a train and still blow you away.

For you to commit crimes, you have to support the KKK.

And as for Family? You're father just grew drugs.

While you were with your two-bit buddies actin' like Thugs.

I'm the ace OG MC criminal from the wild west.

And i'm never afraid to kill, so don't try to test.

I've done no time for my crimes, did things you never could.

Cause i'm as big of a badass as Clint fucking Eastwood.

Jesse James:

You always look so stupid when making an idol threat?  

Take your bitch boy ass and ride off into the sunset.

Your slick with a gun but your words don't mean shit.

So stop walking into places asking 'Who is it?'  

Your outlaw ass is gonna' taste bullet rain. 

Cause this time Jesse James is bringing pain.

You've been shot at more then Bonnie and Clyde.

Can tell people don't care when nobody knows how you died!

Billy the Kid:

You're one to talk about dying too quick.

You're remembered as the dead cowboy prick.

Heard you got killed by a member of your gang.

Talk about going out with a bang.

And your brother? He turned himself in.

You fools are a literal family of sin. 

Your only crime is your weak ability to rhyme.

You'll get laid out in a shootout every single time.

I can end you, wouldn't matter if I was drunk or sober.

Draw! One shot and this battle is over.


EPIC "Horses run past the logo, trampeling it" ...RAP...BATTLES...OF HISTORY!

Hints for next battle: Story Time, Girls and Boys 

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