Well well well...if it isn't...whoever is reading this. Anyways, the battle of the criminal masterminds has arrived. Also finally going to add the 'dream cast' thing that most people do.

2015-07-14 17.02.58
(Expertly Made On My Phone Cover Art)

Nice Peter as James Moriarty

EpicLloyd as Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Zach Sherwin as Sherock Holmes (Cameo)

EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! James Moriarty VS Ernst Stavro Blofeld! BEGIN!

James Moriarty:

Welcome, Join the Party. You here to rhyme?

Try to step to Moriarty? I'm the mastermind of crime!

Give me any opponent and I can outwit.

Cause you're not shit, and i spit quite sick. 

Me? Win this battle? No shit, sherlock.

I'm a genius! You can suck my brilliant cock!

You'll be the final problem, can't solve this mystery.

In the end of this battle, I'll erase you from history!

Cause your ugly ass mug is more then I can stand.

And your whole group was beaten by just one man!

Ernst Stavro Blofeld:

Please, you're weak, I'm a symbol of villain.  

And from now on, i'll be both kinds of killin'!

With a scar on my face and white cat.

Meanwhile, this british fuck isn't all that.

Fuck YOLO! I only live twice, bitch!

And no, i'm not very nice, bitch! 

You english twat, I'm a SPECTRE of an MC.

Try to mess with that, you'll see the real badass in me.

The key was thrown out when you got put in a penitentiary.  

You haven't been relevant since the 19th Century! 

James Moriarty:

Yo genius, you can't beat me pal.

You've got more parodies then Weird Al.

That stupid scar won't get you very far.

When it comes to being bad, i'm the OG all star.

I'll take a shot at your back. Now I'm on the attack! 

Teach this wannabe how to really talk smack.

Cause you're just ugly, bald, sad and lonely.

Throw ya' down a chimney, call it For Your Eyes Only. 

Ernst Stavro Blofeld:

Ok! That's it! Now the gloves are gone!

This battle of wits becomes a battle of brawn!

From Russia with Love comes these harsh disses.

While your terrible attempts all end up as misses.

You trying to compare to my intellect?  

You british bitches have no respect.

You've been rewritten so many times, what can you even do?

You only beat Sherlock Holmes by killing yourself too!


EPIC "logo gets shot by silent pistol, background changes from black to red" Rap...battles...of history...

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Hint for next battle: Slow Motion Grid