Lot of characters in this one...sit down Boys and Girls, it's Story Time. 



Welcome to Oz, a world with many roads to choose.

Bitch, i'll kick your ass with my ruby red shoes.

You were convicted to an insane asylum, but that's fine.

Cause your story will never be as famous as mine!


Listen girly, get back on your yellow brick road.  

Think you're pretty? Maybe, for a toad.

Down the rabbit hole to Wonderland, a place you'll never go.

Go get sucked into the twister, tell your aunt I say hello.


I'm made of straw but I'm stronger then those lines.

Because that was on par with a series of whines.

Even trying to face us, you can't be smart.

Even I know that to rap you gotta have heart!

Mad Hatter: 

What would you even know about that?

I could beat you both with the flip of my hat.

It's not your birthday, but lets party with March Hare.

Take a step to the Hatter and you're in for a scare!

Tin Man:

I may not have a brain or be that bright.

But in a rap battle, i can put up a fight.

Your weak rhymes really grind my gears.

This metal man will leave you in a pool of tears!

Cheshire Cat:

Please, those tears would simply turn you to rust.

I'd end this now, but that wouldn't be just.

Look into my eyes and I'll slowly disappear.

Because Dorothy, my dear, we're all mad here.

Cowardly Lion:

I won't lose just because I'm a coward.

With my friends by my side, I feel empowered!

I might not roar, but i'll spit rhymes to make you scream.

Because Alice's time in Wonderland was a fever dream!

Red Queen:

Excuse me! I'm royalty! Who cares what you said?

I find you guilty, so off with your head!

I'll send my card guards to take the Emerald City.

So run Dorothy or else...

Wicked Witch:

...I'll get you my pretty!


EPIC "logo gets put in a magic bubble" RAP...Battles...of...history...!

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