So it's come to this...whatever let's get on with the S3 finale already.


Matt Groening:

So Seth MacFarlane, do you think you're really the best?

You might wanna look at A Million Ways to Die in the West.

I created The Simpsons, one of the best cartoons ever made.

I can write a new episode, you can't even get laid.  

Creating new episodes, you've barely got a handle.

You guest star on Gilmore Girls and run a Youtube channel. 

I appeared on things like Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Now i'm only here to start up the MacFarlane Roast.

Seth MacFarlane:

Wait, seriously, you're trying to mess with me?

HA! I'm the fucking king of comedy on TV!

But Matt, you're a real class act.

Why don't you try to rap to that?

You leave an audience bored and groaning.

And your jokes are less funny and more annoying.

Hate to tell you, but you've got no Futurama.

So go ahead Matt, cry home to Mama.

I'm the one and only American Dad.

You lived a Life in Hell and that's just sad.  

I even do multiple characters with my voice.  

Even Hanna-Barbera knew I was top choice!

Matt Groening: 

Ok, ok, i wanted to keep playing nice.

But let me remind that your show was canceled twice.

My show's the pinnacle of animation.  

Superior to yours since your creation.  

Simpsons has some of the best video games of all time.  

You're barely able to keep up with my rhythm and rhyme.

Every episode of the Cleveland Show is another blow.

You can't take every character and make a new show!

Seth MacFarlane: 

Bitch, I'm the most ranged famous person on earth!

Actor, Writer, Animator, Musician, I've got high ass net worth.

I created the highest R Comedy of all time.  

Meanwhile, this Treehouse of Horror can't even rhyme.

You're pity of career is over at that.

Call you Eric Cartman, cause you're just fat-


Trey Parker & Matt Stone:

We came to diss these pissed forgotten pricks.

Both of your shows are out of new tricks.

So come on down South Park and meets some friends of mine.

The Stick of Truth is the best TV game of all time.

It takes us only 6 days to create a new episode!

We make the comedy central ratings explode!

And one last diss, I hope you're both ready.

Both your show's ratings die more then Kenny!


"Logo is slowly drawn" EPIC...RAP...BATTLES...OF HISTORY!

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