Welcome to the battle of evil robots that's name end in -tron. Leave thoughts in comments below and feel free to suggest for future battles.



It'll be an easy win against this Crimson Cowl.

Who's mind is powered by a Mac and just as foul.

Bitch, I'm Megatron! The head honcho Decepticon!

Taking over Cybertron! You're not as tough as you let on.

You've got nothing on me! I'm a robotic MC!

An 80's OG. When it comes to you, there's nothing to see.

I'm a robot in disguise! I'll rip out you LED eyes!

You can't even beat the Avengers, no matter how many tries!

I'll distract the Autobots with one simple diversion.  

Oh, and your most threatening form was your female version!  

Ultron:'re lines just plain blow.

More cheap and breakable then your toys from Hasbro.

You're nothing but worthless scrap metal.

Here and now we've got a score to settle.

I'm a monster, an upgrade-able AI.

I got an army of androids, why bother to try?

Face the other Disney owned Tron and you're going to die.  

I was created by an ant, but i'm a giant!

You're whole army is just useless and defiant.

You got ruined by Michael Bay, can't you see?

Just remember that there are no strings on me.  


You think upgrading your programming is cool?

I become better robots, don't you play me for a fool.  

More annoying then Drift, and he acts like he's from Tokyo.

And your trailers are playing a song from god damn Pinocchio!

I'll break you like Captain America's shield!

When you see me approach, you'll immediately yield.  

I'll send a Shockwave your way as you Starscream!

I'll toss you into a river and you'll end up rusted downstream!

You're age is over! So just the face the facts!

Like Antman's cast, you're about to get the axe!  


Your shots just bounce off my adamantium skin.

Just give up now. We both know Ultron will win.

Your pitiful rhymes will never be enough.

Your rapping's worse then the acting from Shia Labeouf.

I've got the Vision for the future, and it shows you'll die.  

And you're movies are just explosions and terrible CGI

Every mission you create, you fail every time.

You think you're powerful but you couldn't kill one Prime!

You're a bigger failure then your moon that's dark.

You're most powerful artifact is the stupid all spark!

Now you're done. Your weak lines have met defeat.

I proved your programming is just plain obsolete.  


EPIC "Word Epic transforms into logo" RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!

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