Ok so i've never read these two's comics before so i read their origin comics and stuff before writing this. Though i'm not really sure if i did well or not here since i was kinda unsure for a few rhymes. Anyway...



I ride into this battle on Dark Horse-back.

This hellish freak doesn't even understand the word smack.  

You're facing the world's greatest paranormal investigator.  

Hellboy's going to be Al Simmons' interrogator.

I plant the seed of destruction and end your pitiful life.

I'll Wake the Devil to show the strife you caused your wife.

Don't mess with me, i've been drinking with a skeleton.

You're big hits were in the 90s, you're irrelevant.  

Your comic career already met it's end.

You've got no allies, you were even killed by a friend!

Spawn:  My senses are telling me something demonic is amiss.

Tell your creators that somebody's gonna die for this.

Nazis are the ones who brought you here.

I can't imagine what your 'friends' have to endear.  

A freak who cuts his horns just to look good.  

You're just a drunk, stop acting like youre misunderstood.  

Call up Abe Sapien, tell him Hellboy's met his match.

Because I'm leaving this battle without a single scratch.

You could cast demonic spells like Merlin.

But your fame all came from Ron fucking Pearlman.

Hellboy:  You killed the innocent, you're not a hero.

Based on ratings, you're a good Zero.

You'll never be able to compare to me.

I fight against the Nazis and other freaks in the BPRD.

This is the science of evil and you've failed.

After that shit film, your career got derailed.  

You're over and done, admit it, i've won.

You're a killer and now i'm here to help restrict.  

You spawned in and got your ass kicked.

Spawn:  You simpleton, your methods cause children trauma.

Nobody is a bigger bitch than Anung Un Rama.

I save lives, protect people on a scale so grand.

While you take a break alone with your destructive stone hand.

I'm dark and sinister, you're just old and bland. 

You've teamed up with Batman too? That comic was lame.

You've got less originality then your shitty video game.

I'm a masterful demon with both brains and brawn.

You only exist because of a one shot from Comic Con!


EPIC "Lights go out, logo gets beat up" Rap...battles...of history...

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