Hey look a battle that was done recently (and better) by ProbablyNoah. Well whatever i did it anyway.


Crypt Keeper:

I'm willing to bet you write raps worse then a script.

So allow me to be professional, tell you some Tales from the Crypt.

This black and white screw up is just all talk.

My show's got a cameo from Alfred Hitchcock!

You're getting served Rob, For Cryin' Out Loud.

You spread the same episodes, I spread fear throughout a crowd!

I'll leave even you in suspense. Serling has a long road ahead.

Cause like me and your show, Rod, you're already dead!

Rod Serling:

In a world where undead creeps are all alone.  

Step up to this mic and enter into the Twilight Zone.  

This zombie freak has already met his defeat.

Face me and i'll be your Nightmare at 20000 Feet.

It's a Good Life, living with no strife. Not that you can.

This, my friends, is the real way To Serve Man.

Or should I say creep? I'll make this skeleton weep.

Time Enough at Last for me to prove you're weak.

Living in your mansion, these words have to sting.

The comic was so boring, you got rewritten by Stephen King!

Crypt Keeper:

(Nee hee hee...) You're a coward, looking quite yellow.

You'll be devoured. Can't beat this dead fellow.  

You're a old time nitwit, you can't spit for shit.

Beat you so hard, i'll admit. You might as well just submit. 

Never stopped talking so they just censored you.

You're a dead man walking. Screw you!

You're episodes are so boring, I don't know how people can bare.  

You were barely able to get your show on the air!

Like me, your raps are decomposed. You've got no sort of wit.

Until next time, Crypt's closed. This time you're stuck in it! (Hehehe!)

Rod Serling: 

Where is Everybody? I think you scared them away.

When your ugly ass face came out to play.  

Your episodes are lower quality then mine, and i came 30 years before.

I don't mean to sound unkind, but your stories are each a new bore.

Call me the Man who was Death. Killing it on the mic.  

You're singing christmas show tunes that nobody will like.

This is One for the Angels, i've already won this fight.

I know these burns are painful, but this is my zone, alright.  

You weren't canceled because of cameos. Who could possibly decline?

Me of course, because I know your show was just a rip off of mine!


"Music becomes inverted" HISTORICALLY EPIC BATTLES OF RAP...

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