American Horror Story's killer clown VS Stephen King's killer clown. Already did Joker VS Ronald McDonald, so why not another clown related battle? (Probably shouldn't post this the day a new ERB was released but you know...F*ck it.) 



This hellish rap battle is going to get gory.

Spread the fear, call it an American Horror Story.

Everytime I hear you voice, i feel myself get stupider.

I'm more frighting then you from here to Jupiter.

Sorry if i'm Rusty, but i'm a good clown.

Saving kids from bad parents, im the baddest around.

Call me the Turtle, i'll throw your ass from the Dark Tower.

Death only hurts for a moment, and this is your final hour.


I don't believe this clown has any reason to gloat.

Down here, like the others, this fuck is going to float!

I'm the OG horror clown, in my glory you should bask.

And you're so fucking ugly, no wonder you wear a mask.

Having a hairstyle like yours should be against the law.

You tried to commit suicide, but just shot off your jaw.

I give balloons in the sewers of all of these towns.

And I'm the one who gave kids the fear of clowns! (Ha ha ha!)


Bitch, you think you can even step to Twisty?

You're fighting a battle you can't win, you feeling risky?

Your story is so old we can call it an antique.  

I could call you Peter Parker since you're just a spider freak.

This is a Freak Show! Victory in this battle is mine!

You were popular ages ago! Now it's my time to shine!

I've never touched chidren, not that it should be a shock.

You got beaten by kids, so you've got no room to talk!


Sorry what? Wasn't paying attention to a thing you said.

It's hard to understand you when you're basically dead.

I eat children! Fill your pitiful mind with dread.

But you wouldn't understand since you were dropped on your head!

Listen closely Twisty, look into my deadlights.

I'll bring back bad memories and fill you with a thousand frights.

You're a sad clown who's simply a copy of me.

In the whole Macroverse, that's all you'll ever be.

Pennywise, kill kids before your very eyes, there's no other.

You're about as threatening as your dead alcoholic mother. 


EPIC RAP BATTLES "creepy clown laughter" OF HISTORY!

Who Won?

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