Seen this one in the comments of Jack VS Hannibal, thought i'd give it a shot. Might not turn out well but whatever.




Once upon a time, i looked into the future.

Saw the hotel owner getting ripped apart by the Bay Harbor Butcher. 

I don't feel emotion, i just lock it all away.

I'm smoother to girls then you are to those your betray.

You don't kill any more? Heh, is that right?

I recall you forged a suicide note, go back to your black in white. 

So allow me to serve as your oppressor. 

So shut up mama's boy, cause your nothing but a cross-dresser! 


I'll give you once upon a dirty night.

Tell me Dexter, is it Ice Trucks that fill you with fright? 

Slick your throat, watch you choak, with my chef's knife.

I'll slice you open in the shower and take your life. 

With your rape victim of a wife!

Better run fast if you check in to the Bates Motel.

Or it'll be like you're knocking on the gates of hell.

I hear you're talking like you could actually beat me.

Well sorry to tell you Dex, but that's just a fal-fal-falsity. 


Now don't get me wrong, i'm not exactly what you'd expect.

But like all who face me, this fuck up is getting wrecked!

I'll slaughter you, rip you apart like you did to Mary.

Are you trying to frighten me? I don't find anything scary.

I'll check in and cover your whole hotel in plastic.

Fuck you and your mother, i don't care if you think i'm too drastic.

You're a freak with multi-personality disorder who thinks he can make amends.

When you're really a lonely Psycho who has no friends!


Well uh, A boy's best friend is his mother.

With one woman in your life, why would you need another?

I have to ask, why take blood samples of your kills?

You're as strange as me, no wonder you give Doakes chills.

I have to warn you, mother doesn't take kindly to a guest.

Next time you fight me, i'll just smile and end the contest. 

Don't talk about my friends when you're relationships are each a twister.

You even turned off life support of your own sister.

You have children to care for, boy will they be depressed.

When they learn this infamous TV killer has gotten his fucking ass kicked.



EPIC RAP BATTLES "Blood Splatters Onto Logo" OF HISTORY!

Leave thoughts below, thanks :)

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