The dc magic user VS the marvel magic user. WHO WILL WIN? You decide.


EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! John Constantine VS Doctor Strange! BEGIN! 


Oh bollocks.

Its Mr.Stephen Vincent Strange.

You got that right mate, if you think you'll win, you're deranged. 

Hellblazer, burn you fast, leave your scorched and hurt.

Oh dear god, give Romeo back his shirt.

Go back to the marsh, you look like Swamp Thing's brother.

Leaving people more stressed and disgusted then you did to your mother.

I leave the world in the dark, but bring justice of any league.

Being within distance of your breath is giving me fatigue. 

Sit alone with your ego you arse, that's your Nightmare.

Not even your witch bitch lover Clea would care.


Don't bother messing with the sorcerer supreme. 

Especially if you're some alcoholic wannabe with low self esteem.

Oh sorry, that has got to Sting.

Look who's talking about lovers, look at you and Swamp Thing.

News Flash John, you've got Mucous Membrane on the brain.

Take a break from that bottle, i think it's driving you insane.

Sorry, was i talking to Castiel or you?

You both dress so similarly, I don't know what to do.

But either way, i'd kick your powerless asses just the same.

Stop Dormmamu all the time, while you just burn like a weak flame.


I'm addressing the entity inside.

Speak fast before you go back to having died.

Oi, are you feeling that vertigo?

Got yourself trapped in the hellblazer inferno.

I've got the arcane knowledge of a thousand men!

You've got to realize if you win, where will you be then?

I've got demon's blood in me, and i won't be dying any soon.

Saving the world from demon kind, while you sleep in past noon.


"sigh" Don't bother spitting out sparks if they have no effect.

If you insult my past, at least get it correct.

Went from a selfish doctor, to a sorcerer redeemed.

While you're just drinking and chain smoking like a fiend.

For being a british, you're defiantly not nice.

And it seems your friends are the ones who pay the ultimate price.

Come now con-artist, don't bother fighting me if you don't have the drive.

But i do hope your TV show is better then your film from 2005.




Leave any thoughts below Appriciate it :)

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