After a lot of scrapped lyrics that didn't rhyme for crap, this is what i came up with for this killer battle. 

EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! The Jigsaw Killer VS The Zodiac Killer! BEGIN!


You'll be lyrically murdered when Jigsaw steps up to rap.

Snap your jaw clean off with a reverse bear trap!

We'll see which killer is really more iller.

The unknown or the king of horror thriller.

So why don't I stitch your eyes and mouth, then we'll see.

Gotta say Zodiac, you're starting to puzzle me.

I'll throw you in a cell and put the key in a pit of used shots.

Or maybe i'll shock you to death with a million watts.

Stop already, you are just plain a disgrace. 

Take your medicine, aka, a shotgun-go-round to the face!


Don't bother trying to diss the Zodiac.

Or i'll shoot you, leave my mark. Better watch your back.

Don't expect me to fear you, you puppeteer.

Or else I'll kill every single thing you hold dear.

I'm an expert criminal. Your rhymes are barely cynical. 

You need to get inside their heads, your much too physical.

I'll eat away at your soul like a Cancer.

For every new question, you have no answer.

I never got a conviction. You were created in fiction.

Stranger lifetime then your torture porn addiction.

We'll clash rhymes every time like a Gemini.

You'll be beaten so like me, the pigs won't be able to identify.


Do you want to play a game? Don't test me.

Your lines are all the same, you can't best me.

Take your weak ass back to where you belong in San Fran.  

How's it feel to get your ass beaten by this old man?

Let's see...sketch shows you're bald and wear glasses.

Based on your rapping, your brain must work slower then molasses.  

Must be european since your symbol's a celtic cross. 

I can figure you out, you're already at a loss.

You'll be outmatched by Jigsaw's supremacy.  

And i have my victims to continue my legacy.


There is nobody as old a fool as John Kramer.

I know who you are, and I know your movies get lamer.

I'll balance this battle like a Libra, leave you marked for death.

Watch you suffer, carve into you as you take your last breath.

You're a pity of an old man, and Billy's just silly.

You tried to make people think? Come on, really?

You simply wish you could compare to my greatness!

Cause based on those robes, your some kind of satanist!

You better stop while your behind, i'm the master of homicide.

Such a failure, you couldn't even commit suicide.


"Screen becomes Static Filled" EPIC RAP BATTLE OF HISTORY!

Who Won?

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