One axe wielding maniac vs another. Leave thoughts below and suggest future battles. Thanks :)

EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! Jack Torrance VS Patrick Bateman! BEGIN! 


Really? This is my opponent who was chosen? 

I went to Harvard while you were busy getting frozen.

I'm a true America Psycho, can't step to me!

If you think my fame's Shining, i'd have to agree.

Doctor who the fuck are you? 

Nobody, no matter what you do. 

You kill because of voices in your head.

By the time this first verse's done, you'll already be dead!

Hearing your stupid voice makes me feel numb.

You're whole King sized plot twists are quite dumb.

Do you hear your son's calling? Redrum, Redrum! 

"Axe hits door and Bateman stops"  


Here's Johnny!

This banker's looking pretty scrawny. 

See blood dripping through the floor cracks!

This cannibalistic rapist is gonna get the axe!

Check in to the Overlook Hotel!

Perfect place for a necrophiliac with a soul to sell.

You've lost after only one verse, oh well.

Cause with prostitutes, your just kiss and don't tell!

Now it's my story, your face is hard to look at.

You're just a Norman Bates copycat!

A stereotypical hollywood rehash!

Cause your just some fucking yuppie trash!


My style of killing is not the norm.

This is not an exit, sorry to inform.

Your pitiful lines should be a crime.

The only thing you killed was your ability to rhyme.

Your one time Kubrick film was lost in time! "girl screams"

You want a new story? I've got one quite gory.

I kill just for joy and for glory!

Take a look at the big picture!

Just for you i bring lyrical stricture!

Don't compare to me, you're nothing but a crook.

Your movie adaption doesn't even follow the damn book!


Calm down Batman, anger issues you're showing it.

When it comes to this battle, come on man, your blowing it!

Your a cocaine addicted, self convicted, and all around poorly depicted.

Restricted motherfucker who's lost this fight, just as I predicted.

Try to stop me but you got no clues.

We're both psychotic mental breakdowns, each with a short fuse.

But now Jack is back to break the news.

Face me Patrick and you'll always lose!

So don't bother trying to screw me!

Cause you got killed in the sequel to your movie!


EPIC "Axe hits logo"...RAP...BATTLES...OF HISTORY!

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