Guess who's back? Not Slim Shady, least not this time. Back for a Xmas Battle because...idk I got bored.

Nice Peter as Jack Skellington

Zach Sherwin as The Grinch


Jack Skellington VS The Grinch!


Jack Skellington:

What's this? A rap battle for me to win?

The green freak against the bone chillin' skeleton.

Tell Sandy Claws I'm here to help spread the cheer!

I'll run this geek into the ground while grinning ear to ear.

Your rap like Oogie Boogie and look like a troll.

People wouldn't even touch you with a 20 foot pole!

You're using a dog like a slave, that's a real offense.

Half the words in your story don't even make any sense.

So spread the word to everyone, even Cindy Lou Who.

It'll be a silent night by the time I'm done with you.

The Grinch:

Forget your holiday? Cause this isn't Halloween. 

This green master on the mic is about to get mean.

Your only gift will be defeat if you try to diss this.

I'll steal the win from you just like how I stole Christmas!

Everything you ever did, I did better.

And your girlfriend can't even keep herself together.

Tell Finkelstein that you're gonna need some fixin'

Cause it's on like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen.

When it comes to stealing from the fat guy, you're the worst.

You try'd another holiday cause you weren't good at the first.

Jack Skellington:

You don't know a thing. I'm a Burton work of art.

Go back to your little hilltop home, don't even start.

This isn't Whoville, you're in my town.

I'm the Pumpkin King, here to take you down.

You're Suess's mistake, you're Carrey's career killer.

So tell, Mr.Grinch, who's rapping is more iller?

Being a whiny little grump won't get you very far.

You even turned Cindy Lou into a hard rock star."sigh" 

Maybe this isn't for me. Lets put this battle on pause.

I think we should just leave the rest up to Sandy Claws.

The Grinch:

Forget that! I'm sick of all this noise noise noise.

Those little Whos, playing with their toys toys toys.

Fuck Santa! He can shove his cookies up his ass!

I'm the Grinch, bitch! I never had any class.

But...maybe you're right. What did I even say?

And with that, my heart grew three sizes that day.

What have I done? I must bring back the joy!

Return every toy to every young girl and boy. 

I'll help Santa out, so you stick to spreading fright.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


EPIC "Ho!" RAP "Ho!" Battles "Ho!" OF HISTORY! "Merry Christmas!" 

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