The manipulative anti-hero from House of Cards VS the coniving crime lord from The Blacklist. (Sorry they aren't spaced out the stupid blogpost isn't letting me seperate them. Spaces are there but they don't show)

EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! Frank Underwood vs Raymond Reddington! BEGIN!


Welcome to my list, you'll become my #4 foe.

Try and kill me if you like, but i'm not as easy as Zoe. 

You're getting too close, give me some space-y. 

The way you treat women can be considered racy. 

I built a syndicate! Massive power and was completely unassisted. 

Step to me Frank and i'll leave you Blacklisted. 

Hate to tell you, but the president doesn't get a crown.

And with a House of Cards, one wrong move and it all comes down!


Silence. You can address me as President Underwood.

Rose in the ranks faster then you ever could.

I'm a conniving individual, master of manipulation. 

Stay out of my way or the train will be leaving the station!

Listen Red, i know you think k your above it all.

Talking tough shit more then i break the forth wall. 

But your tough guy act doesn't fool me.

I'm a better smooth talker then you'll ever be.

Face the President of the USA and you'll never win. 

Cause you evaded the FBI for 20 years just to turn yourself in!


Underwood, you've got a self centered mentality. 

And how you got in office is more unknown then your sexuality.

I've got a Keen eye, and i can tell your getting crushed.

If your campaign speech was this, it'd be too rushed.

You think i got caught, but i easily gave them the slip.

Now i'm back in the media to crack this Whip.

If the nation finds out what you did, you'll get 20 to life.

And before your threesome, you cheated on your wife!

And your fucking father didn't even wanna deal with you.

He was gonna kill himself, but you ruined that too! 


When it comes to being President, i eye for being the best.

Step to me, get stepped on like the rest. 

You got nobody! All you do is play solo chess!

You'll be ripped apart when i give my first address.

Try Again, your debating skills are plain frail.

I'm a powerful motherfucker who's an expert in blackmail.

I'm here to give this damn country some progress, see? 

You're more disorganized then the fucking KGB!

I'm Lincoln your face to my foot, you little bitch!

Everybody knows now you are nothing but a snitch!



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